The Advantages of ECU Remapping

How Can ECU Remapping Help?

Blackridge Autos are a specialist garage and have worked specifically with VW, Audi, Skoda, Bently, Porsche, Seat and other marques. Our service and knowledge is second to none and we’re able to handle all of your potential enquiries. Recently, ECU remapping has become one of our most popular services. Ever wanted to find out the real advantages of ECU remapping? Well, in this post, we’ll give you an idea as to what the main benefits are and how it can actually become an investment. ECU remapping is a specialist task that should only be undertaken by professional experts. Who better to choose than Blackridge Automotive?

Increase in Power

An ECU remap will generate anywhere up to a 35% increase in both break horsepower and torque. How does this work you may ask? Well, when a manufacturer releases a vehicle to the public, there are multiple restrictions that they have to adhere to. These restrictions vary due to the sheer number of countries that the cars are sold in. Places such as Germany and France will have different emissions and power guidelines to the UK. As a result of this, the manufacturer will apply a standard map which is uniform to a specific engine.

Ultimately, an engine is able to achieve more power and outreach its current capabilities, but the ECU has been programmed to ‘tone it down’ a little by the manufacturer. A remap effectively changes the way that the ECU tells the engine to work. An example of one of the manipulations that is performed, is an increase in turbo boost. More boost means more horsepower and torque!

Save Money on Fuel

Because your engine is able to acheive more power throughout it’s rev-range, you can use less throttle to maintain a certain speed. If you used to have to sit at 3000RPM in 6th gear to acheive 70mpg, you may now only need to apply 2500RPM worth of power to sit at 70MPH. Because you’re applying less throttle, you’re burning less fuel. Of course, the increase in fuel economy is always down to the driver, but we’d expect an average of 2 or 3 additional miles to the gallon.

Where to Get ECU Remapping

Due to being well-known locally for remapping, we’re now a network member of Sub Elite Remaps ECU remapping network. In fact, they’re so confident in our ability to produce high-quality remapping, we are the sole provider for their enquiries relating to ECU remapping in Bedfordshire.

If you need ECU remapping, just get in touch by giving us a call or emailing us!